About RTD

At RTD we are passionate about kitchen appliances and you.

Kitchen Appliances

We strive to bring you the biggest brands and the best prices. We check through the latest and greatest products filtering out those that don't make the grade.

We stock and supply thousands of kitchen appliances right across the United Kingdom. We can also offer independent advice so you get the appliance that’s right for you.

Our advisers are fully trained and have a comprehensive knowledge of everything we sell. We can also offer this outstanding service our contact form. All Orders are inspected and should any issue arise, experts have all your information to hand, so we can deal with any queries quickly and effectively.

We carry the highest levels of encryption to ensure you details are secure. Our use dedicated large domestic appliance lorries and home delivery specialists. Ensuring the item gets to you quickly and safely.

Our northern and southern delivery depots ensure we can take stock and deliver within the shortest possible time.

We don't just stock mass produced item. We also carry high end ranges which are built to order and to the highest of specification.

Where possible, we offer the very best pricing with service to match. We are able to assist with appliance packs and contract quotes. Simply get in contact and we can provide you with industry beating prices.